Skipping Rope

Skipping Rope SF002

Skipping Rope SF002

Benefits Of Jump Rope Coordination: Jump rope improves your coordination as the whole exercise involves timing as you exercise. There is direct coordination between muscles in your legs and hands. Your eyes are also getting involved meaning, several parts of your body are being engaged. Agility: This refers to how swiftly you respond or react. It’s when the rope is about to pass under your legs that you jump. The faster you do a rope jump, the more agile you become. Quickness: Same with agility, jump rope trains your muscles how to respond quickly when prompted. It enhances communication commands on when your muscles should contract or relax. Footwork: Every time you jump from the surface, the muscles in your feet get worked out. The same also happens when you hit the floor. This ensures that your muscles become stronger and firmer. Endurance: This is achieved wit..

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